Neck Firming Wrinkle Cream


Neck Cream For Wrinkle Neckline Wrinkle Cream Moisturizer Chest Breast Lift Neck Care Health And Beauty Tighten Skin

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Neck Cream For Wrinkle Neckline Wrinkle Cream Moisturizer Chest Breast Lift Neck Care Health And Beauty Tighten Skin

Retinol Cream

Efficacy: Retinol Cream is an effective anti-wrinkle, pure active complex vitamin A (retinol) and antioxidants vitamin C and E strength, can penetrate the skin surface wrinkles and damage development. Rich in vitamin A C E, nourish the skin. Its main function is to eliminate legume printing, and to refine pores and whiten Skin. Even skin tone.


  1. Eliminate bean lines and refine pores.
  2. Whiten skin, even skin tone.
  3. Anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidation.
  4. Get rid of pimples.
  5. Remove age spots.

Collagen Cream

Efficacy: Collagen Cream supplies elasticity to the skin which provides firm and youthful looking skin. It quickly replenishes the moisture when skin is dehydrated, also improves the texture and brightness of the skin.


  1. Effectively maintains water and oil balance in the skin and improves dryness.
  2. Can effectively replenish moisture, deeply moisturize the skin, long-lasting moisturizing.
  3. Anti-aging wrinkles, soft skin fine lines, brighten skin tone.
  4. Nourishes the skin, repairs pores, shrinks pores, and controls oils.

Hyaluronic Acid Cream

Efficacy: Hyaluronic Acid Cream contains sodium hyaluronate, moisturizes, improves dry and dark skin, makes skin moist, tender and smooth.


  1. Moisturizing and hydrating skin
  2. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  3. Improve skin and texture
  4. Smooth and soothe the skin

Vitamin C Cream

Efficacy: Vitamin C Cream contains rich vitamin C to reasonably inhibit the production of skin melanin, so as to effectively fade the face spots. It not only can also improve dull skin tone and make skin lighter and healthier, but also with hyaluronic acid to improve dry skin and slow down skin aging.


  1. Refreshing without wrinkling, improving the skin, deep-layer nutrition and repairing the skin.
  2. Contains a lot of vitamins to replenish tired, dull and dry skin.
  3. Antioxidant protection and prevents the formation of melanin.
  4. Whitening, brightening the complexion.

Neck Cream

Efficacy: Neck Cream can lift and tighten neck skin, evenly brighten dull skin tone, make neck water feel bright and moist.


  1. Resist wrinkles

       2.Delaying skin aging

  1. Smooth skin surface
  2. Stimulating skin renewal
  3. Improve skin hydration

Package Included:

1 * Face Cream(Based on your choice)

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