Organica Purifying Shampoo


1. Deep clean and shine

2. open hair cuticle for better straightening results

3. remove all the residues and impuritie
4. exclusive moisturizing fomula

5. 100% safe for pregnant women and kids

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  • Ingredient: 100% Organic hydrolyzed keratin
  • NET WT: 300ML+300ML+300ML
  • Hair & Scalp Treatment
  • Without Any Hyde
  • Mix to use
  • No Strong Smelling

Product instructions

  • Thoroughly open hair scales with purified shampoo
  • About the use of KO keratin
  • If your hair is soft enough, just use the straightening “shape” keratin to apply evenly to each hair.
  • If your hair is straight enough, just apply "smooth" keratin with a smooth effect and apply it evenly to each pinch
  • If the customer needs the effect of smooth and straight hair, it is recommended to mix shape and smooth keratin for use, in a 4: 1 ratio (4 shapes, 1 smooth). Adjust this proportion according to your hair quality and needs a
    After blending, apply evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair
  • Let the hair stand for 30 minutes (remember not to hold the hair with a clip, or put the hair behind the ears, so as not to affect the styling effect)
  • Rinse with a small stream of water for 10 seconds (no need to rinse, add water to wet), and blow dry. If you want the hair to be very straight, you can dry it with a dry towel without rinsing and blow dry
  • Divide a thin pinch of hair and clip it with splint 10-15 times
  • For very thick hair, in order to achieve a more straight effect, you can rinse the hair again (without rinsing, keep keratin), blow dry, and then clamp it with a splint 10-15 times, so that the absorption of keratin is better.

Additional information

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Dimensions 20.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 cm

Repair Smooth Straightening Hair


Hydrolyzed Keratin



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Hair & Scalp Treatment

Model Number

Organic Purifying Shampoo




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